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Toni Miraldi / Mural Envy

Toni Miraldi / Mural Envy

Newtown, CT

"Bold, eye-catching wall murals for commercial, residential, and public spaces."
Muralist Toni Miraldi’s mission is to turn plain walls into exciting walls. Miraldi designs and paints bold, unique murals that transform overlooked spaces into areas of interactive interest, inspiration and beauty.

Though she currently makes her home in the forested community of Newtown, CT, her background extends far beyond New England. Miraldi has lived in ten states, and has visited an additional 38 states and a dozen countries. Motivated by curiosity and a thirst for new experiences, she has also traveled down various professional paths. She studied history, art and literature at Wheaton College, where she earned a BA in history. She then received further studio art instruction at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, while simultaneously working in the interior design industry. Later she left a career in e-commerce operations and graphic design to pursue art and mural painting full-time, launching her company, Mural Envy in January, 2016. Since then, she has painted thousands of square feet of wall murals throughout Connecticut, New York, and beyond, and is the recipient of a REGI Arts grant from the State of Connecticut.

Most of Miraldi’s artistic inspiration comes from the natural world and the balance of opposing forces found in nature. Since she also firmly believes that her murals should bring joy, she often incorporates playful elements into her designs. Her diverse background is evident in the way graphic design, interior design, and practicality inform her style and approach.

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