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Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Contemporary furniture and lighting"
Tokio is a contemporary, forward-looking design brand with a focus on technically well-crafted design products for today’s thinking individual that likes to see their surroundings furnished with an eye to the future.

All Tokio products are made with the dedication and precision of skilled craftsmen able to exploit technologically advanced manufacturing and assembly techniques. All these considerations and more ensure the look, installation and user experience of Tokio products is second to none.

Founded in 2011 by Gorazd Malacic, Tokio prides itself on being a new design brand with a contemporary vision free of the cumbersome weight of heritage and tradition that might cloud its stylistic judgment and ultimate design output. The result is a futuristic take on smart home objects that push back against the rigid confines of what is seen as trendy or simply of the moment in today’s contemporary design landscape.

At Tokio you’ll find a selection of high-tech lighting and furniture all executed in the most contemporary of approaches that sit easily even with styles of eras gone by.

Tokio is not concerned with making populist design objects, because it is with the discerning individualist that brand’s empathy lies. Romance and futuristic adventures are central to the brand’s anthem, and it is with those goals and values in mind that every product is envisaged and executed. This might explain why Tokio products are the first choice of business, academic, scientific and artistic professionals alike.

The best place to get better acquainted with the complete Tokio collection is out there, in the big wide world – at international design happenings around the globe. Interested parties should take the time to visit any of the major design events and enjoy a sit-down consult with Tokio’s expert staff to best explore the many options available. Once you have everything you need to know about the design object that’s so very right for you, you’re well equipped to purchase any Tokio lighting and furniture solution anywhere in the world, simply by contacting us, at
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