London, United Kingdom

"Abi and Roz are two artists who work together on every painting and illustration they create."
Our name Tipperleyhill is a mix of our two seconds names Abi Tippetts and Roz Berkeley-Hill. When we are together, we paint our large abstracted floral and landscapes. Sometimes we both paint on the same piece at the same time (Abi is right handed and Roz is left!) or we work on multiple smaller canvases, swapping from one to another layering up the colour, texture in our different techniques.

We live in different cities, so have managed to work through lockdown by working postally. Using big sheets of strong brown paper, we start painting in broad gestural brushstrokes, we then post these to each other to continue on. Theses pieces may go back and forth a few times before they are stretched into canvas to have the final finishing touches added. Using our individual styles like this, we are able to create something entirely new together.

Our collaboration started when we became friends working at a fashion textile studio together in NYC. On our return we created a business together so that we could keep in touch and have fun!

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