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The Selsius Fine Porcelain Tableware

Istanbul, Turkey

"More than a cup"
Plato's "what matters in life is not to have the most, but to need the least." As in his words, we wanted to be self-sufficient. A civil engineer and an architect, we completely broke off from corporate life and got muddy to build our own world. In the era of fast consumption, the mud slowed us down by pulling it into its own rules and made us find the peace we seek in the chaos of Istanbul. No matter how fast you are, mud teaches you to be patient and wait every time. Mud became the second school for us in life.

At the beginning of 2019, we decided to implement mud as our business and established our workshop, we analyzed the finest details you can think of, from the design of the products to the selection of models, from the color scale, to the dimensions, for days and weeks. We did it, we broke it, we were patient until we found the best, and we finally brought The Selsius to life.

All of our products have their own stories. It sometimes got its names from a city we love to visit, and sometimes from our favorite places in that city. For example, Moritz, one of our favorite models, takes its name from a restaurant in Berlin called Max und Moritz that has been in service since 1902. This is the story of just one of the 17 products in our collection.

The Selsius is more than a Kap for us, we continue to produce this feeling to share with everyone.
Wescover creator since 2021

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