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Teodora Guererra Fine Art

Teodora Guererra Fine Art

New Canaan, CT

Teodora Guererra’s artistic vision deepened and evolved during her years spent painting and teaching in Fairfield County, Tucson, Arizona, and upstate New York. Arizona’s naturally radiant landscape and arid climate led her to experiment with rich under-painting and vivid color, while the shifting seasons of the East Coast inspired Guererra to pursue dripping and staining techniques.

Her distinctive painting style is an alluring synthesis of texture, mark-making, and glowing color. Her focus has always been to push the limits through experimentation with new materials. Born in Connecticut in 1956, she received her undergraduate and graduate Art degrees from Southern Connecticut University and Skidmore College.

She is strongly influenced by Pat Steir, John McCracken, Helen Frankenthaler, Donald Jud, Bernar Venet, Agnes Martin and Brian Rutenberg.

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