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Tara Catalano Studios

Phoenix, AZ

"Do what you love!!"
Many people take great comfort in whatever works for them to escape a lot of challenges. It
could be something they love or something that makes them happy. It gives them a
connection between them and an environment of order. Art is a place not only of comfort but
of tranquillity. In whatever form it takes, this sense of order acts as a shield against the outside
world's unpredictability and lurking chaos.

My artwork examines the different forms this shield takes and the thinking that lies behind it.
I use art as the common denominator of where I find myself. Altering art and creating
something magical that questions the character, fears, and silent rules that have formed the
environment and our behavior surrounding it.

My goal is to inspire people to look more cautiously at the society around
them and discover beauty in unusual places. I bring the calm amidst the storm; with my art,
you are at peace. Channelling my energy into my work will show the kind of person I am when
you look closely, burning lava in the middle of the snow. My goals are to spread alchemy
positivity and empower women to do what they love through my art, feel comfortable in their
skin, and strive to become the best version of themselves. My artwork will give you that
peace, and wherever it is placed, the tranquillity it brings will be next to none.



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