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Susi Schuele

Carpentersville, IL

"Abstract Landscape Artist - Watercolor, Gouache, Stain, Ink"
I am an empath. Words cannot describe my art. Stories do. I tell my stories through abstract landscape paintings inspired by my life events, my imagination and music.

Gestural abstraction is my chosen discipline because of the freedom I feel painting loosely. Texture and color weave their way through pools of water and become my release from high anxiety. My technique is a minimalist approach to watercolor and gouache painting. I scrape paint across a strip of dry paper and use water, brush, palette knife or air to move the paint.

Abstract brings my world and your world together by allowing each individual to see and feel their own story through mine. Primary emotions of a color-infused visual are followed with secondary emotions of music or remembering the lyrics from select pieces’ carefully researched song titles. I hope my art connects you to a memory in your head and heart each time you view it.



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