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Studio Stirling

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Beautiful hanging swing chairs are the passion of Studio Stirling."
Beautiful hanging swing chairs are the passion of Studio Stirling. Each one of our chairs is made by hand and it allows for each piece to have individualism and uniqueness in some of the pattern detailing due to the variance of craftsmanship.
We support products that are created by hand, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan and support one-of-a-kind pieces, and variance in design due to the process of hand crafting. In a world of homogenized mass production, slower designed, handmade products require less energy than mass-produced items and often last longer, reducing the cycle of waste in our “throw-away” culture.

Our chairs are ideal for inside or outside use and look gorgeous on a deck, patio, hanging from a branch of a tree or anywhere indoors. These swing chairs and loungers are loved by adults, children and pets alike, creating the feeling of serenity and joy in their cocoon-like shape.

Studio Stirling has been recognised globally for their luxury, handmade swing seats, hammocks, loungers and daybeds. Most models can come with the option of legs or base stand. They are perfect outdoor on any patio, porch, or garden space and looks great anywhere indoors.

Their most popular swing chairs are their BUBBLE, NEST EGG, RECLINER and stunning leather SLING chairs which are a timeless classic that will turn heads and be the topic of conversation.

Studio Stirlings’ owner and designer Joanina has an award winning background in visual art, design and advertising but always had a passion for furniture - particularly hanging chairs.

Joanina draws inspiration from nature and her surroundings - giving rise to Studio Stirlings’ iconic Twig Pattern which features as an option for most chairs, as well as the Jozi / Egoli design inspired by her hometown, the city of gold - Johannesburg, South Africa

What is important to Joanina and her dedicated team is the combination of aesthetics, comfort and emotion. “I want to create something that’s functional, but also beautiful,” she says. “It works as an extremely comfortable, ergonomically designed chair, but I want to create an emotional response too. The physical experience of the chair, how it changes the way you feel when sitting in it; I want to create a sense of well-being.

A bit about the team:
Joanina - designer:
A design and advertising guru as it were, Joanina is one of a kind, full house. Having earned her position as Head of Creative at MullenLowe / Cross Colours she has proved herself numerous times, with many local and international awards as evidence. Joanina sat on the judging panels of both local and international award ceremonies including the highly prestigious Cannes Advertising Festival, the New York Festivals and Loeries.
She had the honour to be the President of the Design Category for the London International Awards and was delighted to be included as jury member in the Dubai Lynx and A Award.
Innovation and audaciousness are part of her character, always challenging the norms and finding creative solutions that enhance the identity and personality of a brand. Highly energetic, she loves to devour all forms of visual communication and is a keen observer of current developments in many related fields including architecture, art, craft, interior design and the environment.
She is loving designing hanging furniture - a passion that she has had for a long time. She can fondly remember coming back from a trip to London once with a hanging chair in tow. Studio Stirling supplies selective stores and customers all over the world

David - photographer and curious wannabe inventor:
Starting out as a husband and wife team was definitely a double whammy! David being a photographer, certainly had an eye - and an aesthetic one at that. He enjoyed extending his talent into creating three dimensional objects. He was down to earth and practical which was a definite plus and as he was certainly more than ‘handy’ assisted with lots technically. On occasion even had to dig deep to find some of that Boy Scout training in figuring out the tying of some of the specialised knots needed in the rope for hanging some of the models. It was huge fun to work together on some of the more challenging pieces. David passed away in 2017 but left the business in a stable condition with the existing range well in place.
His photography partner is now continuing doing the photography and the metal work team is well entrenched and in place.
The business is continuing and going from strength to strength despite this crucial loss, and grateful for the input and care it did benefit from.



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