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Strokes by Red - Red (Linda Harrison)

Orlando, FL

"Contemporary Abstracts - Daring. Whimsical. Passionate. Expressive."
The Right Brain Wins “Red” (Linda Harrison)

It’s rare when the logical left brain and the creative right merge in one person with equal force.
In Linda Harrison’s case, business savvy and the creation of abstract paintings merge as the artist’s signature Red.
Much like her art, Red is rarely at rest, dividing her time between her studio sanctuary and running her management consulting company. Splitting her time between these two callings is an ongoing challenge. The left and right are in constant struggle. It’s been this way for several decades, with the logical self, calling the shots… until now.

Linda grew up in the small, sugarcane farming community of White Castle, LA, the fourth of seven kids. Whether preparing meals, organizing the household chores and generally looking after her younger siblings while her parents worked, her fierce self-discipline showed itself early. However, art was not an unknown. Her parents and paternal grandmother were avid amateur artists, working with a variety of mediums. She loved watching her dad draw with charcoals or her mom create ceramics. They encouraged her creativity through summer art classes, designing clothes, studying music, and cooking – traditional Louisiana soulful cooking. Regardless, her logical left was not ready to surrender.

Linda received an academic scholarship to the University of Central Florida in Orlando, earning a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and, in short order, obtaining an MBA at Florida Institute of Technology, graduating Summa Cum Laude in both academic programs.

The next 25 years were marked developing solutions in healthcare, logistics, information technology and, finally, forming her own consulting company in Denver, Colorado. However, the pull of creative expression, art and nature were ever present.

“Linda has always been an inspiration to those around her. Her art is no different -- the energy, vibrancy, design and color are reflections of her sheer force of personality.” – Carlo Rodriquez, Washington, D.C.

On a cool spring day, in the foothills outside of Denver, Red felt compelled to express the beauty around her; the creative side began to assert itself. She grabbed an old decorative painting from the wall, collected every available house paint, spray paint, magic marker, brush, sponge and tool. This was her reborn orchestra. What emerged changed her. She found the one outlet that gave her unlimited joy and freedom - painting.

Red has since continued to put brush to canvas. She chose the art signature of “Red” because “The color represents strength, passion and spirit – just the elements I want to express in my artwork”. Ever exploring new techniques and broadening her learning, Red embraces abstract expressionism with acrylics and oils to portray the hidden passion, vibrancy and energy that she observes in nature. Red has experimented with various mediums on canvas, but she says, “Painting with acrylics and oils allows me the freedom to spontaneously express my creativity through colorful abstracts and unique spirit.”

“Red’s art is just beautiful! It amazes me every time I see it!” – Sheila Graham, Austin, TX
“Gorgeous colors that come to life! Awesome!” – Traci Jones, Orlando, FL

Red has moved to a refurbished studio in Lake Mary, FL. If she is painting, there probably is music playing and a little dancing. As in most of her creations, she selects a few colors, a brush or two and then turns it over to the artistic spirit. The actual composition evolves as she paints to blues, rock n roll or passionate soul: the marriage of painting and music, both expressing emotion. Her work expresses an endless movement through layering and blending of colors, coupled with dynamic, fluid brush strokes and sometimes palette knives. Red says, “The rhythm of music quiets my mind and allows my energy to evolve on the canvas.

I don’t choose the content, it chooses me. I paint best when I let my hands do the talking”.

Her right brain is starting to achieve the recognition that her left brain can fully appreciate. Red won first place in “The Artist’s Magazine” 30th annual art competition in the abstract / experimental category which was published in their Jan/Feb 2013 edition. She also won various other awards including Finalist in Lifestyle Magazine Art Contest 2018 and 2017, Artavita, Art Fusion Galleries Artist of the Week, and Finalist in Artist’s Magazine. Her work has been exhibited at establishments in Miami, Orlando, and Inlet Beach, FL; Denver, CO; and Santa Fe, NM i.e. Masters Gallery, Galerie Zuger, East End Gallery, The Gallery at Mills Park, DIA Mosaic Store, Orlando Museum of Art (OMA) Shop, The Gallery at Avalon Island, Courvoisier Centre, City Arts Orlando, FL, FAVO, Bank of America Center, Citrus Club, Pierre’s Wine Cellar, Scott Laurent Gallery as well as Art Fusion Galleries, Hotel Urbano and Art Basel in Miami, FL. She has collectors throughout the United States.

When she’s not in her studio, Red is out exploring nature, hiking, creating a unique meal or spending time with her husband. She has retired her management consulting company and is extremely thrilled to be a full time artist.

Red is thankful and humbled by the opportunity to share her paintings with everyone, from the logical to the free spirit, and hopes they touch each viewer in a unique and personal way.

Dare to Feel,
Red (Linda Harrison)



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More About This Creator


How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"Creating abstract art allows me to freely express my creative spirit with imagination not bound by reality. Through the use of color, movement, textures, and shapes; my abstracts come to life. I create with brushes, palette knives and often just my fingers using oils and acrylics. I paint on small to very large canvases (72” x 72”). I love the free-flowing movement of abstracts. It is my inner voice.
The process itself is simple. Once I select a few colors, the influence of Red (strength, passion and spirit) takes over.
The actual composition of the work usually evolves to music: blues, rock n roll, alternative or anything soulful and energetic. Music has always been a huge part of my life and painting to the rhythms, especially the blues, helps quiet my mind and release the creative spirit.
I paint intuitively which means I don’t choose the content, it chooses me. I can definitely say my best creations are when I let my hands do the talking.
The result is a complex layering, a blending of colors expressed in dynamic and fluid brush strokes that convey my art.
My style is simple: no rules.
Strokes by Red - Red (Linda Harrison)Strokes by Red - Red (Linda Harrison)

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"I want my artwork to be positive, spiritual, uplifting experience and energy to anyone who views it. I believe my abstracts are vibrant, stimulating, mystical, personal and always expressive. So, whether my paintings are in a home or office space, it is important that they are appealing to the audience gazing upon them.

I want the viewer to connect with my work in their own unique way. My artwork with its unrestricted directions just speaks excitement and expressiveness to be interpreted by the viewer. For in the end, any art is not what the artist thinks it says, but what the viewer interprets. My abstracts are fluid and definitely open to interpretation."
Strokes by Red - Red (Linda Harrison)Strokes by Red - Red (Linda Harrison)

What funny moments, unexpected surprises, or obstacles have you encountered?

"Life offers some crazy and fun unknown turns especially in my studio. A painting I titled “Without Distractions” obtained its name through one of those funny and unplanned outcomes.

It was a Sunday afternoon; and I had been in my studio for a while painting. My husband walks in and says, “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?” Of course, I responded “No, Why?” When I did, I proceeded to laugh my head off; and my husband captured a picture of me with a blue moustache and beard.

Well, he proceeds to text the pic to my siblings with the caption “Artist at Work - There is even some paint on the canvas”. One of my sisters replies, “Did she decide to see if she liked the colors first on herself?” Well I quickly took a pic of the painting I was working on to show them there was indeed paint on the canvas. I took no time to crop the pic; therefore, the background wall with its messy and many-colored layers of paint was prominent in the pic. It was so distracting to this particular painting that I cropped the pic to remove all the background wall distractions. I text the newly cropped pic with the words underneath the painting “Without Distractions”. Well, my siblings thought that was the title for this painting and after I considered it, I agreed.

“Don’t be in such a rush to figure everything out. Embrace the unknown and let your life surprise you.”"
Strokes by Red - Red (Linda Harrison)Strokes by Red - Red (Linda Harrison)

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