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Strider Patton

San Francisco, CA

"I make custom murals, sculpture and canvases for those who want to enrich their life experience with compelling art ⚡️"
Strider Patton is a contemporary artist based in San Francisco, California. Best known for his abstract murals, sculptures, and installations, Strider delicately weaves together feelings and emotions through his visual language. His work deals with themes of connection and separation, organization, energy, movement, and void space. Heavily informed by the natural world, culture and his meditative search inward, Strider’s dialogue between color, shape, form and composition is meant to trigger experience.
Strider received his masters degree from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in cultural anthropology.
A third generation self-taught artist, Strider grew up in art studios, learning to use his hands, observing his surroundings and how to communicate ideas visually. His family art legacy and DIY approach to art, mixed with his academic training in cultural anthropology, allows him to bring a unique multidisciplinary approach to his projects. Strider has worked with world renowned companies in the industries of technology, education, hospitality, construction, finance, local government and health care.
“What we surround ourselves with matter,” he says. “With everything I make I hope to create a trigger for experience - a thought, feeling, or emotion. I believe that if we surround and expose ourselves to certain experiences we can transform ourselves.”
Whether it's painting a tech company’s 3-floor open stairwell lobby at the top of a high rise, directing a 1,750sqft youth mural project with 400 kids in Iowa, exhibiting works in international galleries, collaborating with a neon light artist to have a light-laced glowing mural, painting a rural school in Cambodia with 80 local kids, or realizing a 4-floor public art installation in Soho London, Strider’s diverse range of visual art projects are united by his belief that art is the expression of humanity.
“I am an artist whose primary interest is consciousness and how I can use my skills as an artist to advance my own understanding of consciousness. When I make art I am in a flow state, being fully present. I am most happy there and feel like I am growing as a person. Hopefully as I grow, perhaps others may as well."
Wescover creator since 2017

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