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Stephanie Mill

London, United Kingdom

"Contemporary Artist inspired by nature serving up soulful colour with a digital twist. #NaturalWorldDigitalLandscape"
Stephanie is an urban contemporary artist whose work focuses on our relationship with the natural and digital worlds around us. Having studied color theory as a graphic designer, she was captivated by the segue into colour therapy and the intuitive language of colour. The underlying themes in her work ultimately deal with communication and human connection, developing her style to joyfully combine the beauty of the natural world with a vibrant digital aesthetic. #NaturalWorldDigitalLandscape

Working with photography and multiple digital processes, the abstract style of her pieces create colour fields that invite you to connect emotionally with the expressive nature of the colours themselves. You are encouraged to feel your way - engaging intuitively with how colour speaks uniquely to your experience, as well as our shared visual language. The use of symmetry allows the underlying patterns and rhythms of nature that surround us to be revealed, as well as providing a soft point of focus that heals on a soul level.

“It’s my intention to inspire more joy in the world through my creative practice by producing artwork that makes you smile from the inside out.”
Wescover creator since 2019
Projects Portfolio
Lima London
London, United Kingdom
West London Art Factory
London, United Kingdom
Residential Project
London, United Kingdom
Residential Project
Anna Maria, FL

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