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Smooth Ceramics

Perth, Australia

"Celebrating the beauty of imperfection"
Smooth Ceramics happens to exist out from a profound desire of expression interlaced within a great coincidence and a quest for healthy happy smiles!

Since arriving in Perth WA Australia I have been happily enjoying creating ceramic pieces. It was all a great big coincidence. For years I had a project in my mind... I had sculptures to do!! And so I did them, and then I fell in Love and couldn't stop!

Today, Smooth Ceramics offers you a range of organic skincare balms locally handcrafted into unique ceramic pots and a small selection of poetic ceramic tableware.

Strongly inspired by nature and the organic form, each piece in my collection is a personal interpretation of elegance intertwist with the beauty of imperfection.

Elegant unique items will enrich your everyday experience of life with their texture, their design, their feeling.

Smooth Ceramics. Recycle, refill, repurpose. Made to inspire mindful moments!
Wescover creator since 2020
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South Fremantle, Australia
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Lazio, Italy
Residential Project
Perth, Australia
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North Fremantle, Australia

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