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SjK Design Studios

Portland, OR

"Aesthetics are an integral part of daily life and I see them with an emphasis on the wholeness of nature and a celebration of the landscape. SjK Design reflects the elements of the Pacific NW through consciously sourced local materials coupling the aesthetics of Modernist design essentials with traditional handmade Shinto wood working skills for a warm contemporary look."
Born in Portland Oregon I have spent the last 20 years in Brooklyn NY where I achieved my Masters degree in Fine Arts form Pratt Institute

Relocating to the Pacific NW in 2020 reintroduced me to my love and respect for the NW landscape and found me pursuing those interests through my creative self. Always a perfectionist, patient and with an eye for design and detail, woodworking leant itself as the perfect medium to pursue that creative self

The NW tells a story through its elements, rough, dramatic, immediate, worn. SJK Design Studios reflects those qualities down to the salt, with the weathered look of Oak and the warmth of Maple and Walnut against mist and sun calling in the sea, the river and the dune

elements - what we build on




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Wescover creator since 2022

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