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SHIPWAY living design

Vancouver, Canada

"Meaningful modern furniture, designed and made in Vancouver B.C. sourced from local, sustainable and up cycled materials. We strive to to create furniture and home decor products that will contribute to a healthy home and a healthy planet"
My approach to design is multi-faceted and the final outcome of a piece is only a fraction of what I'm trying to achieve through my practice. It’s more than creating designer furniture and home decor items, it’s about telling a story and making the "world" a better place, even if it’s only a small "world".

​The majority of my pieces are created with Douglas Fir from a community managed forest on Cortes Island, where it is sustainably managed, harvested, and processed locally by small independent mills. This is the life blood of this small community and every dollar I spend on material goes directly to that community ensuring a sustainable forestry economy for many generations to come.

Beyond my commitment to local and small economy, I am strongly committed to using sustainable materials and environmentally sensitive products with all my pieces. All my glues and finishes are of the highest environmental standards, and when using other species of wood for custom furniture, I source them from either sustainable sources or salvaged from blow down or land clearing. All of this is an effort to contribute to healthy homes free of toxins.

When exploring other materials other than wood, their environmental and social impact is a large consideration in what materials I select to work with. This design constraint makes it difficult at times to broaden my material choices, but at the same time fosters and opportunity to expand the uses of materials and find more efficient and creative ways to use them.

At the end of the day I want to create objects that people can feel proud to own and adopt the story of where the piece came from and how it came to be, and make it their story.

When I’m not in my East Vancouver studio or shop, I’m usually out on the water fishing, in the forest exploring or picking mushrooms, or up on Cortes Island taking a recharge break, and when time permits traveling the globe looking for inspiration and admiring all the beauty this world has to offer.
Wescover creator since 2018
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