Shazia Imran

Sydney, Australia

"International award winning artist"
Australian artist and sculptor, Shazia Imran is best known for her expressive mixed media pieces.

She has won many national and international awards including Lorenzo il Magnifico Award at the Florence Biennale 2015, Applied Arts Award at the London Biennale 2017, ‘Most Collectible Artist’ Award at Shenzhen City Art Fair, First prize at the 2018 Chianciano Biennale, 2nd prize International Confederation of Art Critics Award 2019 London Biennale and multiple awards in Australia.

She draws her inspiration from her travels, exploring the infinite expressiveness of her subjects through watercolors, acrylics, and mixed media.

Her delicately multilayered paintings explore the connections between landscape, memory, and the subconscious through texture and the interplay of light and dark, creating an atmosphere that opens itself up to multiple meanings.

Her work has been exhibited internationally and hangs in public and private collections in the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia.

"Art and design is something I’m very passionate about. The use of color, shape, texture, and light defines my style in capturing the personality and emotions of the subject.

My inspiration and influence come from everything I see, feel, and experience around me.”
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