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Shan Richards

Sydney, Australia

"Australian painter, working with vibrant, colourful oils and acrylics"
Sydney-based Artist and Designer, Shan Richards, has spent several years exploring different mediums from photography and painting, and graphics, to fashion and couture design, experimenting with these techniques together to create her works. Focusing on the art of couture and draping, drawing on traditional methods of haute couture, she produced beautifully hand-crafted designs for private clientele. Shan’s fascination with the concept of manipulating fabrics into intricate 3D pleated “sculptural” works, took her in a direction where she explored the relationship between the techniques of draping with painting. Drawing on this concept, she experimented with the deconstruction of these 3d forms back into a 2D painting, creating ‘fabricated’ illusions of depths and forms, heightening the effect by applying rich vivid colors.

A born artist, with an intense curiosity about all things creative, Shan graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor's in Fashion Design, after studying at both East Sydney Design Studio & The Whitehouse Institute of Design. Following graduation, Shan worked commercially in Sydney as a Designer for Champion Sportswear, Brand Manager for Sergio Tacchini Australia, and Product Designer/Developer for various other brands, while continuing her studies in studio painting and producing commissioned artworks. She decided it was time to focus solely on her art and couture design. Shan studied in Chicago, at the Chicago Art Institute (studio painting program) before heading to the UK. She acquired a beautiful painting studio residence above the picturesque, Marylebone High Street, London, drawing on the inspiration of ‘the hidden wonder of the West End’. While living in London, she developed a deep love and fascination for travel, exploring unique cultures, and discovering exotic landscapes all on her doorstep. Shan endeavored to capture and reflect on these experiences in her photography and paintings.

On returning to Australia, she prepared for her first debut solo show held at Gauge Gallery, Glebe in June 2015, where she produced a collection of works reflecting all her worlds coming together; fashion, art, photography, love of color, and her endless wanderlust for travel.

Today, her artworks draw on inspiration gained through her travels, experiencing the remarkable uplifting colors the world has on offer, focusing on these beautiful, vivid hues to capture and create vibrant, expressive artworks.

Shan’s current works explore the dynamics and elegance of nature, landscapes, and forms, fabricating an illusion to conjure the realms of our imaginations. Understanding the powerful effects color has, she endeavors to enchant the viewer, and trigger positive emotions with her rich hues. By applying surreal abstraction, she strives to develop forms that do not always follow logical criteria, inciting the viewer to make new personal associations. Questioning the concept of movement, enhanced using these vibrant and positive colors, she creates intense personal moments, inviting the viewers to develop their own relationship with her works, leaving them feeling uplifted and invigorated.
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