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Sarah Phelps Artist

Toronto, Canada

"Unique Abstract Paintings with Texture, Colour, and Depth"
From a very early age Sarah Phelps has been a gifted artist. Her drawings and paintings always stood out among her peers. With a previous career in wildlife biology, a passion for health and fitness and a zest for travel, she is someone that takes her life experiences and channels them into her art to create stunning abstract paintings with depth and soul.

Sarah is someone who doesn’t shy away from challenges. She takes risks and pushes herself outside her comfort zone. She is a spiritual mix of creativity, edge, strength, inspiration, and determination. These attributes come through and ignite magic in her work. Sarah thrives on creating dynamic abstract paintings that capture movement and evoke feeling and thought through texture and colour. Each piece tells a story that is created by the viewer, from their past experiences, present emotion, and future unknowing. Her pieces are intriguing and evoke curiosity in the viewer. Like curious little love affairs.

Sarah’s paintings come in various sizes and formats, primarily acrylic and mixed media on wood panel and canvas, and her works range from ambient to edgy.

Sarah says yes to life and embraces opportunity. Among her many solo and group shows, she exhibited her works at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris France, and two shows in Italy. Her paintings have also been featured in the Globe & Mail, Toronto’s CityLine morning show, Houzz, various publications, and a New York art competition. Among Sarah’s many collectors, some are celebrities as well as international collectors. Sarah’s studio & gallery is located in Toronto’s impressive and beautiful historic distillery district.
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