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Sara Lightning

Budapest, Hungary

"Sara Lightning's paintings are explorations of relationships between the human form, the built environment and patterns, balancing abstract and representational methods."
Originally from Denver, Colorado, Sara has lived and travelled across the world passing numerous years volunteering in India and teaching throughout Europe. While the sublimation of life into art has always been her primary passion she also, while in Spain, dedicated herself to her other passion: the historic dance of flamenco. Taken together, these interactions and intimate experiences with the traditions and lived realities of other cultures find their expression through the canvass. Beginning with a reverence for the majesty of everyday life, her art explores the intersection between the static and the fluid; between the imagined and the observed; and makes manifest the dynamism of the figure as situated between being and becoming. Via the exploration of textures and patterns curated from her own experiences, her portraiture places the subject in ambiguous space and thus invites the observer to reconstruct for themselves the story contained within.
Sara received her BFA from Metropolitan State University and her MA from the University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury. She currently resides with her husband and two cats in Budapest, Hungary.
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