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Robert Whitman - Photography and Art
Robert Whitman
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Robert Whitman

New York, NY

“Robert Whitman may be a renowned New York photographer, but he cut his teeth in the industry shooting a local hometown teen who would later become a Rock and Roll Hall of fame legend.

Whitman traveled around the world since he was a college student, peering into the lives of others with his lens. He has an innate ability to capture people in the moment. Many of these moments are ones that we all have seen, but may have taken for granted. Whitman takes the common and uncommon things we do in life and brings them into focus. A couple holding hands, someone sunbathing, smoking a cigarette or a soft embrace are all things we do daily, but his unique perspective will “WOW” you.

Robert Whitman, a pioneer of multimedia installation and performances, has a long history of collaborating with engineers and scientists, using technology to create images that incorporate live action, specially built props, sound, video, and other visual media. Whitman’s interest in making the unfamiliar familiar informs his entire oeuvre, from the 1970 installation Children and Communications (1970), which enabled kids to connect with kids in other neighborhoods via phone and fax, to SUN (2007), a projection of actual satellite imagery of the sun onto an expanse of fabric positioned on a rooftop in New York. Celestial bodies appear frequently in Whitman’s work, altered in size and appearance.”