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Robert Bengtson / The Art of Detail Gallery

Sausalito, CA

"Be inspired by your art!"
I’ve been a visual artist all my life, ever since 1988 when as a university sophomore I had the first image appear in the photography darkroom as part of an introductory class. A perfect harmony for my Right and Left brains, the art of photography would come to be my way of celebrating the details of this miraculous world.

For nearly 30 years I’ve been a commercial photographer and have been commissioned to photograph for nearly every context you can think of. From PR to fashion to travel to portraits to weddings. There’s little, indeed, I haven’t seen (contemplated, celebrated) through the lens of a camera. Over a decade a go, however, was when I launched "The Art of Detail” to describe my style of photography where I was commissioned (by individuals and Fortune 500s) to make fine-art out of their details.

In the Summer of 2020 I pivoted in my career to open a small gallery as a way to apply my creative visions directly to the personal lives of others. Creating life-affirming art and meaningful experiences to uplift and empower people feels like the highest calling of creativity to me, and I'm loving the experiences of meaningfully connecting with people in this context.

In the process I’ve come to see every creation as a type of tuning fork. Where all the ingredients that go into making something — from the intention to the materials to the carbon footprint — give it its sense of frequency. And how whatever this is contributes with each person’s experience (feelings, relationship) to the thing. With this in mind (to create the highest overall effect), I create everything to order as lovingly, mindfully, and locally as possible while imbuing each piece with an intention as part of its journey in(to) this world.

As such, I am also thrilled to making this art available here.
So if you have any questions, reach out anytime.
And if you’d like to learn (see) more, visit us on the website... or in person if you’re in the area!

Many thanks,
Wescover creator since 2021

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