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Riis Burwell

San Francisco, CA

My sculpture draws its vitality from my reverence for nature and my fascination with the opposing forces of geometry and entropy that underlie the structure of the physical world. The delicate balance between order and chaos, growth and decay of all matter intrigues and inspires me.
I attempt to sculpturally express this dynamic tension in my work through the graceful juxtaposition of form and line in opposing abstract elements. Successful artistic synthesis of these forms results in sculpture infused with energy.

I have a strong preference to work in steel, stainless steel and bronze because of their permanence and inherent beauty, as well as their duality of character. They are, at the same time, utilitarian yet graceful, strong yet yieldingly flexible to the well-trained artisan, and have the ability to evoke a variety of textures through surface treatment: from naturally rusted to smooth and gleaming; from a soft natural patina to deep brown or black. They also lend themselves equally well to both tabletop pieces and monumental sculpture and can comfortably be used for interior as well as exterior locations. I do not cast any part of a sculpture, but rather hand-fabricate all shapes for each particular piece. These metals demand of the artist, but perform in equal measure.
Creating sculpture provides me with a deeper connection to the grace and beauty inherent in nature.
Wescover creator since 2019

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