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Reddy Made Designs

Reddy Made Designs

San Francisco, CA

"Fused Glass and Beyond-functional and Art work"
“It has always been my belief that art and creativity is a transformative process. Transformation of feeling into an idea and idea into form. I have been working with recycled materials for many years for my creative expression. The object and the material, glass, acts as metaphor to create meaning.

Glass is abundant in its ambiguities. It can be fragile yet durable, shattered or whole, dangerous or protective. Glass’s transparency allows us to see beneath the surface. What is beneath the surface is what is real to me. It is where I find the strongest connection to my intuition and an inquiry into the nature of the world and our relationship to it. Beyond what we see is an energy system that motivates and defines who we are. It is a system that connects us to our spirit and allows us to form relationships with all beings and things."

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