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Sainte-Marcelline-de-Kildare, Canada

"Je crée de l'art et du nouveau"
Artiste autodidacte de nature, Pierre-Hugues Hétu (Puguess) excelle dans l'art digital depuis plusieurs années. Il a su trouver sa voie, dans l'art digital et amener cette art, à un niveau rarement atteint. Il a commencé très jeune à pratiquer l'art, sous plusieurs formes. Mais l'art digital permet à l'artiste d'exploiter à son meilleur, les parcours de l'abstrait.

Since my youth, I’ve been interested in art and have explored several paths. I worked with charcoal, pastels, oil, acrylic, and ink. I explored sculpture, plaster, steel, and wood. But since the age of 12, digital art is the one that makes me vibrate the most and that brings me further in my artistic approach. I have always painted the abstract, this world where everything is possible, where all lines, shapes or colors can take the vision one wishes to give. Abstract art being blur and vague, it forced the observer to question himself, to see what he wants and what his brain or heart interprets. Today, I master the art of digital art, which allows me to put in images, what I feel, what I want to express. My passion is to create forms of obvious complexity with colors, structures and textures to create in people who look at it, feelings, emotions and a different way of seeing life than the obvious or “The straight line”. In exposing my works, my wish is to convey my taste for the abstract, to demonstrate to the person who watches that an image can be perceived differently depending on the attention that is paid to it.

Pierre-Hugues Hétu or Puguess is the artist. An abstract digital painter, unique in is the genre and refined colorist, he explores the paths that make up the abstract, through textures, colors, and shapes. The way he looks upon art, creation and the methods he uses in visual art-making, gives life to an ole universe. It is a world formed that releases its own emotions, contrasts, and lights.

Pierre-Hugues is an entrepreneur, teacher, and self-taught artist. A proud and happy family man with two beautiful children.
Wescover creator since 2020
Projects Portfolio
Residential Project
Montreal, Canada
Van Houtte Cafe Bistro
Joliette, Canada
Residential Project
Saint-Sauveur, Canada
Centre culturel Desjardins (Salle Rolland-Brunelle)
Joliette, Canada

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