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Pi Williams

Central Coast, Australia

"Contemporary textile artist"
Pi Williams has a background in Fine Arts and has worked across a variety of disciplines including watercolour, printmaking and acrylics. She now prefers to create pieces using yarn & wool (sometimes adding to the uniqueness by dyeing her own wool) with accompanying fabrics such as tulle, leather & raffia and is largely self taught in this medium. Pi strives to explore the boundaries of these techniques and, by combining the textural wool with vivid thread, negative space and mixed media materials, she creates expressive & distinct, almost sculptural pieces.
Her creative process heavily involves gathering inspiration and stylistic motivation from the surrounding coastal environment. She selects and experiments with various materials before bringing all these elements together in her textile pieces. Pi’s larger works reflect her interest in the natural world around her and the beauty to be found in the minuscule. They set forth intricate leaf patterns, detailed rock pools and individual, delicate petals on flower-like visual descriptions of the microcosms found in the Australian landscape. With her abstract pieces, she lets herself be guided mainly by intuition, allowing a unique showcase of movement and harmonious colour to evolve naturally.
Wescover creator since 2021

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