Peter Doolittle -  PDX Productions - Furniture and Tables
Peter Doolittle -  PDX Productions
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Peter Doolittle - PDX Productions

San Francisco, CA

Peter Doolittle made the move from fine art to fine craft while under the Influence of the visionary work of architect and theorist Buckminster Fuller. After graduating with a degree in sculpture from U.C. Davis, he opened a design-build studio in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco in 1999 and never looked back.

“I’m mostly self-taught and my designs are reflective of the principles guiding functional technology and responsible sourcing of materials,” he says. With this philosophy guiding his work, it’s no surprise that he’s partnered with key players in California’s local movement: Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard, Nopa, and Bi-Rite Markets are just some of the projects he’s worked on over the years—using mostly northern California wood, of course.

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