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Darlene Watson

Darlene Watson

Southampton, Canada

"Colourful abstract expressionistic, impressionistic painting by Canadian painter, Darlene Watson."
Creativity has always been part of her life. Darlene is an International Abstract Expressionistic Artist that started her career alongside Interior Design. She then gave up her consulting to pursue her absolute love of painting. In her mid 50"s she started to paint full time. Watson paints with great gestural expression in impressionistic florals and non-objective abstract shapes. Her love of Klimt, Kandinsky, Mitchell, Kline, and Monet to name just a few shows in her works. Paintings are sold to private homes and collectors all over the world and you can feel with each original that she puts her heart and soul into all that she imagines and creates.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"When I create there are always several layers that later, depending on the lighting, will highlight various hues. With the use of gold, silver or copper leaf there can be an added element of patina and with mark making there can always be that graffiti style message just under the layers of colour. Commission pieces are my chance to get to know the collector to make an original that has a bit of their personality"
Darlene WatsonDarlene Watson

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