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People of the Sun

Blantyre, Malawi

"Malawi’s artisans have a centuries-old craft tradition using natural resources and generations of indigenous knowledge. What they don’t have is access to modern design, a platform to sell their products and the knowledge and funds to set themselves up as proper enterprises.

We help low-income artisans build sustainable businesses, which will raise their income and standard of living. In turn, this will preserve their cultural heritage and ensure indigenous skills survive for the next generation.

We search for the best artisans in the markets and villages of Southern Malawi and invite them to work with us. Those who are keen and committed to working hard become People of the Sun. We teach People of the Sun groups the basics of running a business, work with them to develop bespoke designs and connect them with customers around the world. We also provide them with interest-free loans so they can invest in equipment and materials to establish and grow their enterprises."
Wescover creator since 2018

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