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Patsy McArthur

Brighton, United Kingdom

"Dynamic, contemporary drawings of the horse in motion that make an impact"
Best known as a figurative artist with an interest in drawing and painting movement, a trip to her sister’s horse competition yard in Scotland a couple of years ago got her thinking about how she could use the horse in motion as a subject for a new series of work. Since that first trip in 2016, Patsy has returned time and again to shoot film and stills which she then uses as source material for her drawings in the studio. There has been a tremendous response to these works which successfully capture the physicality of the animal as well as its momentum and spirit.
“I’m trying to make really contemporary, emotional drawings which have as much to do with us as humans as they do with horses; we see ourselves in them. The imagery of leaping joyously, straining to clear an invisible fence, spooking or swerving all seem to translate into our human experience so well and by keeping the images monochrome and free of background context, focus one on the content. They are highly rendered drawings describing snapshots of movement in timeless black and white. “
Wescover creator since 2020

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