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Patrick Skals Art

Patrick Skals Art

Toronto, Canada

"Art that delivers impact and introspection"
Patrick Skals is a multi-disciplinary artist currently residing in Toronto. Inspired by ground-breaking North American artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, William Ronald and the Group of Seven, Patrick embraces the juxtaposition of urban life’s vivacity, and nature’s introspectiveness.

Patrick aims to draw audiences in with bold coloration, unapologetic energy and urban-influenced composition achieved through an interplay of photography, mixed-media and explorative applications. His style is distinctive, spirited and curated to evoke a dualistic response of galvanization and contemplation.

Art fulfills entrepreneurial ambitions but also serves as a channel to support Patrick’s mental well-being. After exploring various treatments, he found that immersing himself in his artwork was the most effective tool to combat the struggles that comes with lifelong episodes of major depression.

He continues to serve as an advocate for mental health, never afraid to share his story, intent on being one more voice to break down stigmas. By creating works that direct to moments of internalization from the onlooker, Patrick aspires to transmit the meditative nature of his creative practice.

Patrick’s work can be found at juried shows, galleries, and private collections throughout Canada, the United States and the UK.

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