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Patrick Skals Art

Toronto, Canada

"Conceptual Artist"
Inspired by Mel Bochner and Jean-Michel Basquiat, I create artwork that awakens emotional and cognitive gateways, intended to have one re-think common perspectives. My work tackles psychosocial topics ranging from culture, social media, identity, mental health, consumerism, and the contemporary art world among others.

Although non-confrontational by nature, I don’t shy away from offering up satirical, sometimes subversive commentary on the cultural landscape. My body of work emphasizes a neutral palette intended to keep the attention on the words and their deeper connotations. Never wanting to anchor the viewer to a single explanation I inspirit individualized meaning derived from social influences, life experiences, and subconscious drivers.

Authenticity is at the heart of each painting, feeling as impulsive, as they do calculated. The viewer is invited to feel the vulnerability of an artist battling with himself and his environment.
Wescover creator since 2020

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