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Paige Ring

Toronto, Canada

"Abstract Expressionist based in Toronto."
I'm a self-taught, abstract expressionist painter living in Toronto, Ontario. In my work, I'm drawn to organic shapes, and how the medium moves and interacts on the canvas. I love the intuitive nature of abstract, and how it contrasts with the rigid structure of life’s responsibilities.

You'll see in my work there's a lot of bold gestural strokes, poured paint, and layering of organic marks and scrapes weaving through. I often use a limited palette with just a few colors. Color tells a story all on its own, the technique of how the color is applied, smooth and soft vs bold and loose, gives that story life.

I paint mostly in acrylic and ink, but also resin, pastel and collage to create texture and depth. Although I use brushes, they aren't my first tool of choice. A palette knife, squeegee or another type of scraping tool would be my first choice. My inspiration comes from everywhere, but my drive to paint comes from the need to escape the realities of the world, to retreat into a playful, imaginary place where I can be less structured.
Wescover creator since 2020

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