OTTOMN - Benches & Ottomans and Pillows


Guelph, Canada

"Hand-crafted, bespoke ottomans and pillows"
OTTOMN - Our Story
… is a simple one.
“I was looking for a piece of furniture years ago. It had to be a specific piece, as it needed to fulfill many functions. That’s primarily where my obsession is rooted with the ottoman, the versatility of the piece. It might need to be a chair, a coffee table, a pet’s perch, or a footstool, depending on the occasion. And it always needs to look great. Sadly there was nothing out there like what I had pictured in my mind. So I decided to make one…then two…then three. I studied techniques used by artisans in Europe, how to tie the buttons and layer the foam and felt cotton by hand. All our ottomans are made with the highest quality materials, chosen for comfort, style, and longevity; natural fabrics such as linens, velvets, wools, and leather. I love layering different tones and textures in neutral colours. With each new build I strive to create that original, unique piece I was never able to find, so I might present it to you.”
Julie Knox – founder – artisan

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