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Henderson, NV

"Minimal, functional, original; furniture, lighting & home accessories; Handcrafted in Southern Nevada"
Onefortythree started out as a blog about a house my now wife and I were working on. We purchased a half-finished log cabin and went to work getting it ready to move in to, doing all of the labor ourselves. The address is “143”. A friend suggested I create a blog to document and share the house progress and projects. Once we moved in, I started making lamps and furniture for ourselves and friends. From the recommendation of fellow bloggers and followers, I opened an online shop and started selling my pieces. We haven’t slowed down since.
Onefortythree has quickly grown into a successful small business, where we have our own online store, shop and a small team (including my amazing wife). Everything you see here is designed and made, one at a time, by us in our shop in Southern Nevada. We’re constantly making new things and improving old ones so our inventory is always changing and growing. We make everything to order and ship our products worldwide.
My dad taught me how to build cabinets and got me into woodworking when I was very young. In my opinion, he is the best cabinet maker out there. Everything else; welding, upholstery, plywood molding, etc, we learned on our own by trial and error.
Wescover creator since 2018

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