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Notary Ceramics

Notary Ceramics

Portland, OR

Sarah Van Raden, creator of Notary Ceramics

After taking a semester of ceramics in college, it took nearly a decade before I found my way back to the wheel. This time the class I took was held at a local art school and was filled with people from all ages and walks of life. I instantly fell back in love with clay. I love the way it makes me feel like a child again, carefree and full of possibilities. I bought my own wheel, saved up for a small kiln, emptied out my cluttered basement to make way for a make-shift studio, and eventually opened our current shop and studio space in Portland, OR. All of our pieces are handmade and unique, and our clays are sourced locally and made in the Pacific Northwest.

After nearly a decade working as a photo stylist, I feel I have found my true passion in creating pottery. The imperfection, the wobbles, the wonkiness... it all works to create beautiful handmade products that remind you of the person that spent their time creating it for you to enjoy. My heart is in every piece. Enjoy!


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