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Mishell Leong

Zürich, Switzerland

"I help busy, inspired professionals find more joy in life with my passion for textures and colours on canvas. Live Bold, Live Colourful."
Growing up in a small town in Malaysia in a relatively traditional and conservative Asian family, it was always expected I would have a 'proper' job. The eldest of three siblings, I felt this pressure acutely and, at 18 years old, left for the UK to further my studies. After 15 years in Europe and a career in accountancy, I returned with my husband to settle back in the East, in Singapore, but without a job and pregnant with my first child.

During this time of change, I kept experiencing a dream with red poppies, set in a background of a fiery red and yellow sunset.On a friend’s suggestion, I brought this vision to life through art. Having not painted since my school days, I nervously accepted the challenge and went to an art cafe. I never thought that at that moment, my whole life would change. As the first brushstroke touched the canvas, my soul awakened and a hidden passion was unleashed. This was the start of my new adventures and vocation.

Today, I am a self-taught artist who loves using bold, vibrant colours to communicate my inspirations and messages. I believe that because I am liberated from the constraints of traditional techniques and preconceptions, I can approach my work with an open mind and a fresh perspective.

Over time, I have learned so much and evolved. My simple brushstrokes have now created diverse collections including Children’s Art, Botanicals, Watercolours and also Sensual Art. Each collection showcases the facets of my personality and varied artistic techniques.​ I currently live in Singapore with my husband and three energetic, gorgeous children.
Wescover creator since 2020

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