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Nichole McDaniel

Nichole McDaniel

Laguna Niguel, CA

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"Orange County Based Contemporary Artist and Muralist"
Nichole McDaniel is a professional artist whose signature style attracts clients all over the globe. She was born in 1983 in Indiana, and at a very early age, she was exposed to her Grandfathers’ and Father’s woodworking where her imagination was captivated by the blending of technical craftsmanship, and artistic creativity.

Nichole’s earliest fascinations were of silhouettes. Inspired by the sun’s interaction with the horizon, and appreciating the beauty of naturally occurring shadows and silhouettes, she began to carefully develop her craft. As her skill grew and imagination flourished, she developed a unique process designed to capture and display the world as she sees it. Making chaotic, ephemeral motion into tangible, single frames from infinite time has become her distinctive mark on the art world.

Nichole graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Art from Western Illinois. She currently resides in Southern California to pursue her passion of creating evocative art. Her current works are a collection of contemporary landscapes and abstracts; inspired by the natural formations and contours found throughout her travels.

Her artwork showcases a full spectrum of bright, vivid colors highlighting the delicate and detailed silhouettes. Nichole’s handcrafted pieces consist of a painstaking process involving acrylic, metal leaf and resin on custom built canvas or wood panel. The paradoxical complexity and simplicity of silhouettes resonates throughout the ethos of her work as she aims to express herself in the purest form possible.

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