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Ney Custom Tables : Design and Fabrication

Ney Custom Tables : Design and Fabrication

Lexington, KY

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"I would describe my work in a single word as ‘balanced’. My work stretches across a broad design spectrum from a contemporary standpoint and through a historical lens. My signature mark is not evident through any one design or fabrication technique. Qualities that, although rare in a commercial economy, exist in many artisans work locally and globally. My signature mark reflects my idea of beauty, that it exists through subtle motives and execution. In my furniture this idea of beauty through subtlety comes from the high quality of materials used in all pieces, and the aesthetic consistency of the individual piece. This means If a piece is organic in design from one perspective, it remains that way through all perspectives."
William Ney is a graduate of Transylvania University with a BA in philosophy. He is a native Kentuckian and grew up on a farm in Central Kentucky that has been in his family for six generations. William sells tables locally and out of state by commission.

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