Nayef Francis

Beirut, Lebanon

"Our products are imbued with a contemporary nature that reflects our current times as well as a versatile practicality that answers an individual’s need for quick solutions. Each product has a story – a unique identity and each brings something different and new to the space. No product looks like the other but they yet converge into one same unit. The products we create are all solution driven items with a blend of nostalgia, playfulness and past experiences."
Francis graduated with a degree in Interior Architecture from USEK University, Lebanon in 2001. After he obtained experience as an interior architect throughout the MENA region, he decided to return to Lebanon in 2009 in order to establish his own eponymous design house. After a year of experimenting in various types of furniture design, he opened Nayef Francis furniture boutique in the Mar Mikhaël district, offering his range of design objects exclusively made in Lebanon. Clever, contemporary, functional and playful, Francis’s creations are largely influenced by his childhood growing up in Lebanon. He is mostly inspired by nature and his surroundings. For him, there are so many unintentional designs crafted in nature, by nature – these are the things that help him develop ideas into something useful, purposeful and aesthetic.
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