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Naja Utzon Popov

Naja Utzon Popov

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Naja Utzon Popov is a Danish sculptor, ceramicist and textile designer who is internationally oriented in her work. While her art is created in her central Copenhagen studio, Naja’s inspiration has always come from a deep fascination for the shapes and patterns of nature in her homeland of Denmark, where a passion for textile design, sculpture and form has run in her family’s blood for over three generations.
As the granddaughter of the celebrated architect, Jørn Utzon, and daughter of acclaimed Australian architect, Alex Popov, and eminent Danish artist, Lin Utzon, Naja’s works of art reflect a modern edge derived directly from the simplicity of the natural surroundings and aesthetic sensitivity in which she has been immersed all her life.
Naja Utzon Popov’s range of pure wool rugs is a natural extension of the sculptural and tactile forms for which she is internationally acclaimed. Designed to suit both traditional and modern interiors, they are extremely durable, yet richly luxurious in feel. Working side by side with carefully selected skilled craftsmen in India’s northeast, Naja has ensured that each of her hand-drawn designs has been faithfully articulated in a high-quality hand tufted rug of New Zealand wool or Tencel®, a sustainable material made from Beech tree fibres,Tencel® adds a soft, silky finish that elegantly contrasts the wool's matte look, highlighting the patterns and colour nuances providing an attractive variation in texture and appearance to the pure wool version. Each design can be customised to suit individual color and size specifications

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"I usually have a very clear idea of what I want my finished artwork to look like, and then the process of making it is where it can take unexplored and new avenues through experimenting and working with the material in new and more challenging ways."
Naja Utzon PopovNaja Utzon Popov

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