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Mindy Williamson Art

Dallas, TX

"“A Piece for Every Purpose”"
My creative art experience began at the age of ten when I did face painting for my little sister’s birthday party. From that point on, most everything in my life was art. During high school, I became ill with mononucleosis. Homebound for more than a week, I began to follow some drawing classes on television. As I found myself enjoying the television classes, I began enrolling in some art classes in high school. This was followed by a major in Art at Syracuse University. Utilizing the creative side of my brain, I’ve done work in fashion and the culinary arts. But, nothing has been more satisfying than the visual arts.

My newest collection at age forty, mixed media work, always reminds me of the story about the woman who approached Picasso in a restaurant and asked him to scribble something on a napkin. She said she would be happy to pay whatever he felt it was worth. Picasso complied and said,

"That will be $10,000”. The astonished woman replied, “But you did that in thirty seconds”. “No”, Picasso replied. "It has taken me forty years to do that."

This current collection of mixed media work has me truly excited. Abstract work that I can call my own and built from the many other art endeavors along the way.
Wescover creator since 2022

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