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Santa Monica, CA

"Creative Minimalism"
Minarc, located in Santa Monica, CA, was established by Erla Dögg and Tryggvi in 1999. The work of their practice ranges from small-scale renovations to new construction, in residential, commercial and public settings. Each project shares an emphasis on the blurring of distinction between interior and exterior spaces through the exploitation of natural light, creation of outdoor living rooms, and artistically framed views of nature.

Holistic & Environmentally Aware Approach
The firm has gained considerable recognition for the holistic, environmentally aware approach that drives their choices of materials, such as the absence of paint, tiles and carpet, or the energy-conscious use of natural cross-ventilation in place of artificially forced air systems. The innovative use of reclaimed wood, recycled glass and rubber tires, cement panels and sustainable materials are another hallmark of Minarc designs.
Complementing these eco-conscious decisions is the use of warm, natural materials such as walnut, birch and ipe, a durable South American wood that can last up to half a century.

Awards & Accolades
This holistic approach to design through the use of innovative materials and application of sustainable practices has earned the firm numerous awards and accolades including an IIDA Calibre Award, IDA International Design Award, and several International Interior Design Association (IIDA) awards.
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