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Mike Shine - Street Murals and Public Art
Mike Shine
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Mike Shine

San Francisco, CA

“Mike Shine's painting based projects include large+scale street murals, extensive installations, and performances - each united beneath his mythical character creation, Dr. Pyotr Mastolf Ilyas (Dr. Flotsam, for short). Mastolf Ilyas is Shine's modern day version of Mephistopeles, crafted in the persona of a centuries-old Eastern European Carnival leader.

Dr. Flotsam and his carny troupe have been traveling the world for centuries, selling Hell Brew tonic, thereby granting unsuspecting "marks" their wildest dreams, and collecting their souls in return. These transactions are often manipulated by the Dr., and he hints at his grand purpose (The World Riddle) by dropping tips in the paintings, murals and performances.

Shine's installations have been featured at SFMOMA, The SF Museum of Craft and Folk Art, The Laguna Art Museum, 941 Geary in SF, White Walls SF, and the Corpo Gallery in Los Angeles.”

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