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Mercedes Austin Art

Minneapolis, MN

"Dreaming up colored mosaics and organizing every-single-facet"
Over the past 18 years, I’ve been learning, making, designing, living + breathing all things tile/mosaic. I started as a solo artist focusing on painting and photography. Somewhere in there I stumbled upon mosaics, was enamored with Antonio Gaudi’s work, I was hooked & instantly in love. I was a college student at the time and really knew nothing about tile or mosaics. The only thing I really knew about it was that a past college roommate had made a coffee table and adorned the top with tiles that she had broken up and mixed colors at random with machine-made tile. That was it, that’s all I really knew. What happened from that time through present day has honestly been a journey of my life’s purpose getting revealed to me slowly each year, especially as I launched a company that exclusively makes tile. The mosaics that I liked the most were the ones composed of handmade tile. You see, I went from making a mosaic piece in my personal apartment studio in my attic in 2002 to directing a team of 32 artisans to make a tile for brands like Disney, 23andMe, Starbucks, lululemon, Whole Foods, Norwegian Cruise Lines & Google within this span. From a local-only studio to a global player making a name. I used to think: when am I ever going to have time to return back to the studio and is it worth it to go back after all that has been built?

Recently, in light of COVID-19, I’ve returned back to my playground, simply cutting up tiles with an analog hand nipper. I’m breaking pieces of tiles up and reassembling them into small compositions and getting my feet wet - reminding myself what it is to play.

I’m simply starting this off for fun and with what I have. The assortment of art on here is from a span of time and you’ll not see a focused theme and I’m not attempting to have some big gallery show and share with you my views of the world. I’m just figuring this thing called life like the next person and I’m committed to having fun while it happens. So, if I make it in to create a “personal” piece of art once or twice a month, I’m calling it a victory… especially because during the regular parts of my day over @mercurymosaics I’m implementing new labor compliances, navigating through new freight regulations for clearing customs in Mexico or averting a crisis from a new rule Google has just implemented for online marketing… it’s nice to have a different spot online to stick stuff that needs a new home.

To keep this simple, because, to be honest, I’ve personally poured myself into both Mercury Mosaics AND Mercedes Austin Art - the difference between Mercedes Austin Art and Mercury Mosaics is: Mercedes Austin Art is made. It’s done. It wasn’t commissioned or directed. If you want to buy it, I’ll be able to get it shipped that same week. At Mercury Mosaics, it’s about installed pieces. Mercedes Austin Art has framed mosaics, an occasional painting I played with, and likely soon some prints - if I can stay focused.

With Mercury Mosaics it’s all about tile and mosaics you’re installing in a project - permanently.
Wescover creator since 2020

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