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Max Moody Design

Chattanooga, TN

"Modern Furniture | Without Compromise"
A passion for handmade mid-century modern furniture

With training as an Industrial Designer (Product Designer), I've always had a passion for beauty, quality, form, and function. My love of furniture began when I furnished my first residence. After browsing endlessly for furniture, I began to develop an infatuation with the clean minimal style you see in Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian furniture (Danish/Nordic Design), and even Japanese interior design. They all possessed the same qualities: Clean lines, a simple elegance, and an incredible amount of attention paid to quality, craftsmanship, and detail.

Not finding anything that quite matched what I was looking for I started designing my own furniture. It began with many hand sketches until I figured out a basic form of language for my pieces. I then created computer models that started off looking pretty primitive, but after many iterations, I finally came to a place that I really liked. Now to have it come to life...

I began working with a local woodworker to create these pieces to the quality level I desired. The furniture is made using the highest quality solid woods and hardwoods. I didn't want to create another veneer covered, plywood, cheap piece of furniture like you find online. Each piece is custom made by the same woodworker, ensuring consistent and excellent quality as well as finish. You can feel great knowing your custom piece of furniture will stand out and last the test of time to be your own family heirloom as well as standing out from the cheap/fake furniture found at mass retailers online.
Wescover creator since 2019

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How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"My pieces first go through many many iterations in both my sketchbook and 3D modeling software to get them JUST right and then a prototype is made to perfect every detail."
Max Moody DesignMax Moody Design

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"I want them to be enamored when they see the assembled piece perfectly placed in their home. I want them to run their hand over the top and feel the wood grain, open and close the door and see the soft close hinges. I want them to admire the rich wood grain textures, and most of all I want them to experience that feeling in the center of their chest when you see a beautiful product that has been meticulously designed for every detail, dimension, and radius to be just right!"
Max Moody DesignMax Moody Design

What funny moments, unexpected surprises, or obstacles have you encountered?

"All of my pieces feature radius edges, beveled faces, and unique handhold and leg shapes. These unique features create a lot more design challenges to work around on the woodworking side of things that many people don't initially realize when comparing my pieces to similar style furniture with less detail.

Figuring out best shipping and packaging practices was a very long and difficult process with many lessons learned the hard way! The final place I arrived for packaging was a lot different than my initial assumptions on how the packages should be made! There is a craft in itself for the shipping aspect alone."
Max Moody DesignMax Moody Design

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