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Maria Punkkinen

Helsinki, Finland

I'm a Finnish designer and a visual artist and I work around and between the fields of design and fine arts. I was born in South East of Finland but I’m currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

My inspiration lies in twisted details, shadows and light and the perfection of imperfection. I guess, one could say I am searching for perfection - where, in my opinion, perfection is very far from flawless polished surfaces. Perfection is in tiny fractures, a line which is out of its course and a bump which creates a new kind of play of light and shadow. Despite of these thoughts, the quality of products is not a secondary matter and it’s important that all my creations are high quality and safe to use.

I’m intrigued by human minds, how they work and what kind of stories they have to tell – whether the stories are real or fantasy. I’m in constant search of stories to build on or to take further through my work. I work mainly on somewhat unique objects and art pieces.

I enjoy the slow and sometimes unpredictable process of ceramic materials. I work intuitively, experiment, break and fix. I’m interested in touch and its meanings, surfaces and the connections between three and two-dimensional worlds. I am searching for meanings.
Wescover creator since 2020

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