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margherita martinelli

Milan, Italy

"Painting, Mixed media"
Margherita Martinelli was born in 1981 in Crema (Cremona).
She graduated summa cum laude at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan. She carried on her artistic education in Tokyo, where she became enthralled by the culture and traditional ancient techniques of Japanese painting. Japan has always been one of her favorite places from which she takes inspiration.
In 2007 she was a finalist of National Award Donato Frisia; in 2009 she won the Audience Award Patrizia Barlettani at San Lorenzo Gallery in Milan. In 2011 she was a finalist of the Ciaccio Broker Award for Italian young painting at ArtVerona. Since 2011 she is one of the artists of Barsky Gallery in New York. With them, she took part in several art fairs in the USA (Aaf New York, Market Art & Design Hamptons).
In 2013 Lorella Giudici invited her to take part in Brain Art Project, in Vercelli. In 2015 she created an installation in Raumen Museum in Shin-Yokohama, Tokyo, for CasaLuca Milan Project.
Currently, her works are treated and displayed by Gilda Contemporary Art, Zaion Gallery and Ghiggini Gallery. For foreign countries, Barsky Gallery, New York.

Margherita lives and works in Milan.
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