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Wakefield, Canada

"Ephemeral art isntallations that feel good - I create in situ sculptures and spaces, often with the help of volunteers. The creations become means to slow down, reappropriate the environment, invite to share feelings and stories."
Originally from Paris, France, living for 23 years in the Outaouais, Canada, Marc WALTER is an artist who created for a long time mixed media works; he reoriented his practice to environmental art in 2004. Particularly prolific in his field, he won in 2007 the Grand prix d’excellence and the 2014 Favourite Prize of the Fondation pour les arts, les lettres et la culture en Outaouais. Marc has taken part more than 100 solo and group exhibitions both in galleries and in the context of outdoor nature art and landart events, in Canada and Abroad.
He has been featured in many Canadian landart-specific events such as The International In Situ Art Symposium of the Derouin foundation in Val-David, Fieldworks in Perth, ON, Clairière Art et Nature in Chesterville and Création-sur-le-champ in Mont-St-Hilaire. Marc has been involved in numerous international events; The Festival des jardins métissés of Wesserling, the Sentier d’art contemporain of Carcassonne, The Botanical Days of Samoens and the Festival Grandeur Nature in France, Natuurkunst Drenthe in the Netherlands, Saksala ArtRadius in Finland to name a few.


Marc WALTER is intrigued by how the creation of a separate piece on a given location alters the ability of a visitor to perceive his/her own emotional response. He sees himself as a social actor as much as a revealer. His artworks are site-specific, may cause a physical or sensual change of rhythm to a site, but discretion, respect and balance are key values.

Even for a short time, his visitors become dwellers, reflecting upon the site, its history, their own path and above all, all their feelings.

For the last ten years, his work evolves around the passing of time and the way humans relate to it. Evolutions, passages, departures and memories are recurrent themes that one can find in his work in many forms and materials.

His favourite creative processes include the participation of the public in the making of monumental collective ephemeral artworks, like the one that led to Big Tom, a 25 foot-tall floating sculpture in Huntsville during Nuit Blanche North 2012 or l’Embrassade in 2013 Carcassonne, France.
Marc leads many collective projects in public settings, whether during festivals or in educational facilities, getting the participants to experience all the creative steps towards a monumental installation.

Artworks to be experienced!

Marc’s work can be seen on his website
Or on google searching for “Marc Walter Landart”
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