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Mara G. Szyp

Sooke, Canada

"Unique & personal art pieces full of expression and feelings ~ Available for commissions"
Her story

Mara was born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At a very young age she showed aptitude and interest for the arts in general.
Through her young adult years, she always dreamed to travel and so she did. She focused in discovering Argentina first and then she traveled to Spain and around America. She lived in Los Angeles for some years and then she made her way to Victoria, BC Canada, where she made this beautiful island her home.
A life after cancer

Mara is a cancer survivor. But to say that she is a cancer survivor is an understatement. She has had to overcome many obstacles and as she struggled with those obstacles, she found art to be the only medium to be able to express what she was feeling.
Mara fought a battle against two unrelated cancers and she came out from the other side, with scars, yes, but also with a strength unmeasurable.
Today Mara is an independent, creative, accomplished and unique artist, that looks beyond the confines of four walls for her inspiration. You can see this in some of her art works where she utilizes the sea, female forms, animals and eyes as some of the tools to describe a feeling.
The birth of her art

She does some sketching/doodling when she can't sleep, she paints with acrylics, watercolours & oils, she has done some photography as well as sculpture, she writes short stories and poems.
She is always open to try new and different art forms.

Mara has illustrated two published children’s books, she has been featured in Here! Magazine, Voice of Eve, The Heroine’s Journey, October Hill Magazine NY (4 artworks and 2 poems published), Oak Bay Neighbourhood Learning Centre, she has done shows/exhibitions for Coast Collective Art Gallery, Archipelago Art Gallery, Hive solo show, Heron Rock Bistro, featured by Persona Land and soon more.

She puts all of herself in each art piece she births. She is a very sensitive artist and her senses are always open to perceive the world around her and that’s something you can see through her art.
Wescover creator since 2020

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