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Louw Roets

Cape Town, South Africa

"To evoke and be part of a society where we design with passion and the human touch is valued, where we forget about what is trending and rather make our work personal is the fundamental ideology behind my work."
With a passion for organic forms, luxury materials, and precision details, Louw Roets is a contemporary furniture maker and design studio based in Somerset West, South Africa. Merging traditional techniques with modern technology, Louw Roets's unique approach to design bridges the past with the present, resulting in functional products created to inspire.

From the use of ethically sourced materials to the sustainable model of crafting made to order furniture, we strive for authenticity, transparency, and integrity in everything we do. When we sign our name to each handmade product, we are not only signing off on the quality of each item that leaves our workshop, we are proudly celebrating the process of creating ethically produced, handmade goods that are built to last.

Founded in 2015, Louw aims to create pieces that are true to the process and technique that created them, and which communicates an exploration of the boundary between design and functional art. The studio and workshop exists as a platform for creating original and meaningful lifestyle objects. At the core of every product, there is a spirit of curiosity and creativity.
Wescover creator since 2020

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