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Lorelle Rau Studios
Lorelle Rau Studios

Lorelle Rau Studios

Boise, ID

"Using cut paper exclusively"
Lorelle Rau is a contemporary collage artist, who uses cut paper and appropriated imagery to investigate concepts ranging from nature and place to random and personal first-hand experiences.

In her recent landscape series, Rau expresses the transformative qualities of nature, particularly the rich contours and textures of the mountains. As an avid hiker and camper, the experience and rawness of the natural world has always been an integral part of her creative process.

Lorelle Rau earned an MA in Arts Administration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015 and received a BS in Art Management and BA in Studio Art from Appalachian State University. She currently works as an art consultant in Boise where she manages several residential and corporate projects. In her spare time, Lorelle enjoys hiking in the Boise Foothills and Idaho backcountry with her husband and dog, Tanner.
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