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Londubh Studio

Los Angeles, CA

"/Lón-dove Stu-di-o/ Art & design shapeshifters designing products and expertly crafted hand-applied surface designs for residential and commercial spaces."
(pronounced Lon-dove/rhymes
with love) was founded in 2011 by Lisa Donohoe and Brynn Gelbard, two women dedicated to living life on the edge in full color and shimmer, and whose art and surface designs are an unapologetic love letter to maximalism and glam. Much of their body of work is built to last in prominent high-end (as well as unexpected) spaces such as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, The Jean Georges Restaurant at the
Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria, and the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, to name a few. Their backdrops featured in the 2020 Golden Globes elevator set for InStyle Magazine as designed by Nicole Hollis, for whom the pair adorned multiple spaces in a San Francisco historical mansion featured in the October 2022 issue of Architectural Digest.

Donohoe's and Gelbard's foray into the world of wallcovering and other products makes their art and
designs available for the first time without the need for scaffolding and the months it takes to develop and execute their intricate rock star on-site and hand-adorned creations for which they are known.

“We’re not aiming for the perpetual minimalist," say Lisa and Brynn collectively. “We dedicate our work to those maneuvering through life with a fervor for seizing the
moment and making a statement.”

As for inspiration? Says Brynn, “We regularly disappear into nature to get quiet, connect with our hearts, and call in designs. Our best visions don’t always come when we sit down with a pencil at nine in the morning. They sometimes come when we’re doodling when we’re on a call, or when we’re wandering around somewhere outside with our dogs during Magic Hour. They’re birthed from a spirit we share of wanting to celebrate life, our mutual abandonment of societal expectations if they don’t help us manifest our dreams, and our shared conviction that more is indeed more when it comes to the decorative canvas and its ability to fuel us to live our best lives."


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